The Brassworks – A Converted Loft by Belsize Architects

The Brassworks is a conversion from a 19th century industrial building located in Central London into a series of loft-style apartments. In designing the project, Belsize Architects strived to create attractive, liveable spaces while maintaining the integrity of the original building. Located on a small private street near Marble Arch and Hyde Park, The Brassworks offers spacious, beautiful apartments in a prime location.


On the ground floor, a central entrance ushers guests into the welcoming reception area. Contained on this floor are all of the parking spaces and other facilities for the building. Also on this level are two apartments conveniently located to maximize privacy.


On the first level of the building, the architects used the U-shape of the structure to maximize light. The internal area was turned into a central courtyard to act as a focal point for the building. This central garden brings daylight into each apartment. Ground level courtyard-facing apartments feature special screen-printed glass to maintain privacy and add some interest to the facade.


Each apartment includes top-end amenities, including custom-made chef’s kitchens, custom furniture, en-suite bathrooms, and bespoke dressing rooms in all bedrooms. State-of-the-art HVAC and AC units are used throughout the building.


Although the entire Brassworks building was repurposed, the architects made sure to maintain the roots of the structure. Bronze-effect windows and steel beams are present in each apartment as a reminder of the building’s industrial history. Externally, the building’s facade was completely restored, creating a perfect contrast between historic and contemporary architecture.

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