Cosmic House by UID Architects

Cosmic House is a project located in Japan designed by architect UID. The large single-family home uses rectangular arches not only for structural support but also to define each space in the home.

From the architect:

Dwelling is to put oneself in an interactive environmental domain that surrounds humans and other living creatures. There unfold various activities to which living creatures engage themselves for survival. Further expansion of such domain will surely lead us to view the totality of environment as a dwelling as it stretches unsegmented from city to forest and sea and finally from the earth into outer space. The ever-changing ways of living things such as humans and plants, land topographies or climatic conditions all remind us that nothing in our would stays the same forever. My interest lies in the rich spatial domain in which one may perceive in the course of daily life such changes of nature that are the very heartbeats of the earth.

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