Gaudin House by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

Gaudin House is a charming little mountainside cabin in Anzère, 1972, Switzerland and designed by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes. Although the home was originally built in 1878 as a barn and family home for the pasture season, a complete remodel in 2013 gave this centuries-old shack a new life with a sleek, modern interior.


For the unenlightened, the home seems like an odd location for a weekend getaway. But the building is currently used as a holiday home due to its privileged position for skiing, making it a sought-after place in the winter time.


During the renovation, careful thought was made to preserve the original look of the ancient barn building. Over the years, negligible additions were made to the house, which were removed during the renovations to reveal the original stone structure. Another important feature to the renovation was the large banner window facing the valley, allowing sunshine, light, and exceptional panoramic views of the alps.

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Once inside the unassuming cobblestone shack, rustic materials give way to an interior completely clad in a soft, warm wood. Everything, from the floors, to the walls, all the way down to the kitchen island, is covered in a flat monochrome wood that gives the entire interior a sleek minimalist feel, a stark contrast from the stone exterior. A large wood stove serves not only as a design focal point, but as a functional furnace for the winter months.

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