Golf House in Argentina by Luciano Kruk

Architect Luciano Kruk has designed this beautiful contemporary home in the coastal town of Pinamar in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

golf-house_161215_01 golf-house_161215_02

The house is comprised of three stacked volumes of unfinished concrete overlooking a golf course.

golf-house_161215_03 golf-house_161215_04

The lower level of the home is built into the side of the hill to minimize the mass of the structure.

golf-house_161215_05 golf-house_161215_06

Inside, a minimalist design and neutral palette allow the views to take the center stage.

golf-house_161215_07 golf-house_161215_08

The open floor plan provides a comfortable multi-use living space.

golf-house_161215_09 golf-house_161215_10

An enormous sliding curtain wall of glass minimizes the distinction between the indoors and out. The roof of the sunken lower level provides the platform for an outdoor living space.

golf-house_161215_11 golf-house_161215_12

The unfinished concrete used in the home has aesthetic and structural uses.

golf-house_161215_13 golf-house_161215_14 golf-house_161215_15 golf-house_161215_16 golf-house_161215_17

Wood was used to break up the concrete and to warm up the space.

golf-house_161215_19 golf-house_161215_20 golf-house_161215_21 golf-house_161215_22