Bowen Mountain Retreat by CPlusC Architects

Located in the hilly wilderness of Australia, this small but comfortable cabin designed by CPlusC Architectural Workshop sits as a cozy mountain retreat. The small but feature-packed home includes numerous amenities and extensive landscaping to make the residence livable and fun.

From the architect:

Conceived as a simple weekender, this pavilion house grew to include extensive landscaping, swimming pool, pool house and sauna, with spectacular results.

An existing hut was retained on-site, recognising traditional construction methods and local materials. A courtyard serves as the entry point to the home, connecting the new sustainable home to the hut. An extensive use of glazing provides a 360° aspect of the site from the indoors, while outdoor decks and terraces respond to the site’s natural topography, allowing both to merge seamlessly and exist harmoniously with the surrounding bush.

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