Musket Contemporary; A Home in Austin, Texas

Located in Spanish Oaks, Austin, Texas, this rustic contemporary style home puts a unique spin on what most people would envision when they think of a modern-style home. Instead of the sleek, flat geometry and huge walls of glass found in most contemporary homes, designer Vanguard Studio used a combination of modern materials and more rustic ones, like natural rough cut stone and a metal roof, to create this unique transitional home.


The home offers a spacious backyard with stunning views, complemented by a long infinity-edge pool. A large covered outdoor living and dining space provides an area for entertaining and relaxing.


Inside, the combination of modern materials with rustic ones continues in most of the main living areas of the house. In the kitchen, a modern marble-topped island takes center stage flanked by flat white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, and framed overhead by natural rough-finished beams. In the entry hall, oversized steel windows and a raw metal fireplace give character to the space. The natural stone found on the exterior of the home continues into the entry hall to create a seamless connection from the outdoors to the inside.

Throughout the home, pops of color were added in the furnishings to add interest to the mostly neutral interior.

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