New Canaan Residence by Pecht Harpman Architects

This symmetrical modern home is located in the lush and exclusive community of New Canaan, Connecticut. It was designed by architecture firm Pecht Harpman Architects and is actually a renovated home from the 1950s. The updated home features a stark, modern, symmetrical facade that somehow fits perfectly into its setting amongst the trees.


The house is situated at the end of a long driveway winding its way through the woods for a very private setting.


The main level of the home houses the living and entertaining spaces, along with the bedrooms and a gym. The lower level offers two home offices, a media room, and a library.

New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-3 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-4

The design of the property makes use of tons of outdoor space, including and outdoor seating area with a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, and a swimming pool.

New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-5 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-6 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-7 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-8 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-9 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-10

The interior of the home couples dark, warm woods with bright white walls and a light neutral color palette.

New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-11 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-12 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-13 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-14 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-15 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-16 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-17 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-18 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-19 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-20 New-Canaan-House-Specht-Harpman-21