New Concrete House by wespi de meuron romeo architects

New Concrete House is a family home located in Caviano, Gambarogno, Switzerland and completed in 2015. The house was designed by wespi de meuron romeo architects. The goal in designing this property was to create a comfortable home for a family of three people in just 128 square meters.

From the architect:

To the mountain-sided street the construction presents itself as a closed, simple one-storey volume. The only opening towards the street is the raw steel gate leading to the entrance court.
A 3 m wide forecourt with a natural stone pavement and two palms connects the house to the street and upgrade it spatially.
To the valley-side, the house appears as a narrow 3-storey tower.

The house is organised on three floors: the top floor on the street level accommodates the entrance, the main living area and dining with the open kitchen, on two sides it’s completely closed and on the other two sides it’s completely vitrified towards the courtyards.
The entrance courtyard on the mountainside protects the house against insight from the street and in the meantime it lets the sunlight in.
The inner courtyard on the seaside releases the view to the lake and the mountains through a big roofed opening; while it’s closed wall surfaces reflect the sunlight to the inside.
Both courtyards, each with a wisteria, let the living room becomes a “garden” room and let the inhabitants experience in an unusual intense way the varying atmospheres of the weather and the light.

A skylight above the staircase allows light to penetrate into the lower floor, which accommodates two bedrooms, each with its own outdoor loggia, the bathroom and the stairs to the cellar, where is the technique and a workspace.

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