Pobble House by Guy Hollaway Architects

Pobble House is a unique property designed by Guy Hollaway Architects. Located in Dungeness, a stretch of land known as Britain’s only desert, the name Pobble House comes from the old Kentish word meaning “pebble”. The land surrounding Pobble House is flat and barren, marked only by the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station and two light houses, with nothing but natural scrub and wildlife in the area. It is the unique character of this setting that draws people in, perhaps looking for an escape from the busy outside world.


Because of the natural surface it was built on, there were many stipulations when constructing Pobble House in regards to the size and stature of the building. No new buildings can be built in the area that aren’t replacing old ones, and the new building must be of similar proportions to the old building. With these restrictions in mind, Guy Hollaway Architects designed three simple volumes mimicking the original dwelling that once stood on the site.


Careful attention was paid to the materials used for the project. Materials were chosen that would reflect the surrounding vibe of Dungeness. The wide plank wood siding used will eventually fade to a silver tone. The raw metal siding will rust to a bright red color, reflecting the surrounding industrial buildings and shacks. In contrast to the natural materials, the third volume of the house is clad in cement fiber which will not weather. The entire structure is raised on concrete pillars to minimize the effect on the environment.


Inside, the floor plan is oriented around the views from outside. The nuclear power plant and lighthouses in the distance are framed in the windows. The house is laid out in a linear fashion with an open kitchen at the southern end. A custom sliding glass wall opens up on one side of the living room providing access to the outdoors.

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