Apartment in Prague with an Affinity For Cork

This 840-square-foot Prague apartment was designed by Formafatal and uses cork to give it a unique modern look. The whitewashed and neutral-themed residence makes use of plenty of the soft wood material in interesting ways. Cork is a great material to use because it is sustainable, requiring only the bark of the tree to be cut off so the rest of the tree will survive allowing more cork bark to grow.


The minimalist neutral look can be found in the kitchen, where grey and white cabinets give the room a minimalist look. Cork floors run throughout most of the apartment. The adjacent dining space features similar light minimalist vibes, accented with a bookshelf with same-colored knick-knacks that create interest in the space without looking too cluttered. A cork light fixture hangs overhead to frame the dining area.


In the bathroom, Formafatal laid individual circles of cork on one wall to add dimension to the space. A small cork bench is thrown in as an accent piece.

05_Byt_Korek 04_Byt_Korek03_Byt_Korek

The entry features built-in cabinets in the same warm neutral grey color as the kitchen cabinets. The light wood stool warms up the minimalist space. The cork floors give way to an oversized white tile.