Rammed Earth – A Modern Residence by Kendle Design

Rammed Earth is a 4,700 square foot modern residence located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The home was designed by Kendle Design Collaborative and features open living areas and massive glass walls to maximize views of the desert and mountains.

From the architect:

The Rammed Earth Modern residence is a thoughtful treatment of humble materials; earth, wood, stone and glass. This modest but sophisticated palette is based on the honesty and integrity of natural materials that create warm contemplative spaces through their deft arrangement and direct connection to the natural desert landscape.

The rammed earth walls that rise from the geography metaphorically extend the desert site upward embracing and creating the interior spaces while simultaneously providing the foundation and structure. The earthen walls and floor to ceiling glass allow ample natural light that is regulated by the overhanging, protective roof forms. These vertical and horizontal building planes create apertures framing distant views focusing the gaze outward and further reinforcing the house’s connection to its desert site.

Complementing the natural materials defining the living spaces are the wood cabinets, stone countertops and limestone floors. As the shifting days softly filtered sunlight arcs through the house its natural materials take on new hues subtly shifting the room’s character. The ample sunlight, reflecting inward from the tall windows and overhead skylights, animates the interior spaces.

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