Sophisticated Transitional Style Lake House in Wisconsin

Lake House Retreat is a large, casual getaway located in Greenlake, Wisconsin. The home makes use of classic architectural elements, but it has a very modern feel to the interior. The house was designed by Morgante Wilson Architects to accommodate a family of four, but offers enough space to host plenty of guests.


The cavernous main living areas of the home effortlessly blend natural materials with sophisticated modern design. The open plan connecting the kitchen, dining room, family room and living room allows for large-scale entertaining and charity events that are often held at the home.

Walls of glass let the outdoors in and also offer guests commanding views of the lake. A walkway runs along the main living space, seemingly floating above the main level like and industrial catwalk. The home employs sleek modern design, organic elements, and even a hint of rustic style for a truly unique experience.

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