The Brown Residence; A Scottsdale Home By Lake|Flato Architects

This Scottsdale, Arizona house was designed by the San Antonio-based studio Lake|Flato Architects. It was completed in 2009 and offers timeless minimalist modern design. The home offers spectacular views of the mountains through the oversized floor-to-ceiling windows, which are largely made up of huge singular sheets of glass. The architect used traditional elements like a stucco exterior to mimic the architectural roots of the area while also giving it a modern twist. The home uses warm colors and a simple design scheme to create an inviting retreat from the harsh desert landscape outside.


Here’s what the architects had to say about the design: “Despite being located in an expansive golf community, the Brown residence celebrates stunning desert views from almost every space. Its careful design makes this possible as views to neighboring houses are edited out focused instead on distant mountains. While the residence presents an unassuming, modest scale to the street, it steps down with the slope of the site allowing the spaces inside to become quite generous. Oversize pivot doors and large expanses of glass allow abundant light and air into these spaces while broad overhangs and shading devices protect them from the harsh desert sun.”

Brown-Residence-01-1 Brown-Residence-01-2-1150x896 Brown-Residence-01-3 Brown-Residence-01-4 Brown-Residence-01-1150x775 Brown-Residence-02-1 Brown-Residence-02-1150x1052 Brown-Residence-04-1 Brown-Residence-04 Brown-Residence-06-1-1150x825 Brown-Residence-06-1150x785 Brown-Residence-11 Brown-Residence-13 Brown-Residence-15-1150x1072 Brown-Residence-16-0 Brown-Residence-16-1150x794 Brown-Residence-21