Wang Lounge Chairs by Jaren Goh

The Wang Lounge Chairs are two similar chairs designed by Jaren Goh and available at The Wang Lounge Chair designed by Jaren Goh focuses on only the essential components of a chair for a beautiful minimalist design.

The Wang Lounge Chair makes use of natural oak veneer stained walnut and a metal frame with a gold plated detail on the backrest. Through the use of the thin metal rods that form the legs, the chair achieves a lightness in form that won’t add much weight to a room.

The Wang Lounge Chair is $1040 and can be found at Wang Wire Lounge Chair is another chair by the same designer that is similar in form and materials. It retains the same lightness as the Wang Lounge Chair due to the metal frame and minimal mass, but it uses stainless steel for the frame and the backrest. It comes in black and polishes stainless steel.

The Wang Wire Lounge Chair is $980 and can be found at